Thursday, July 12, 2012

Fun Recipe Site

It seems like forever that I have always referred to when I'm searching online for a recipe.  It is a great site and I would highly recommend it, however, I have discovered a new site that I'm really excited about.  It is Simply Recipes!  Many of you may know this site well and I may be really behind and have some catching up to do, but that's ok!  I'm excited about sharing it with others who haven't heard about it yet.

So I stumbled across this recipe for Tomato Pie.  It looked really yummy. I followed the link to it's source.  Bingo!  I couldn't believe how user friendly it is.  It is extremely easy to save the recipes I want into a recipe box, same as Allrecipes, but the added bonus is that I can create a grocery list of items that I need from the recipe too.  Not only that, but it invites you to email an invitation to others so they can view your grocery list.  !!!!!   No more writing down my grocery list and losing it, or leaving it at home.  And the added bonus is that my husband can simply log on to it as he's walking through the store, picking up what we need before coming home.  


You also can create your own meal planner with the recipes and upload your own recipes!  

So lets review:

Delicious Recipes
Personal Recipe Box
Grocery List
Meal Planner

It also provides you with coupons and lets you mark your favorite local market.  There are also different capabilities that I won't use, but could be helpful to others like using a smartphone to scan the labels of what's in your pantry so that you can keep track of what you have and when you need more.  That is way too technical for me though.  A sharable online grocery list with my husband is about as high tech as I get at the moment.  

And just in case you are wondering if I am being financially compensated in any way for this post, let me assure you that I am not.  I felt this site it truly a help regarding functionality in both the kitchen and shopping.  I hope you are blessed by it!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Modesty Covenant

Even though my closets have been sorted through for a few years now, as I go through totes that have been packed away for many years, I find clothing items that shock me.  It's not that I don't remember the way I used to dress, it's seeing it now in my current reality that saddens me.  I don't dare "donate" them to anyone because I can't stand the thought of contributing that type of clothing to mislead someone else.  

So ... what do I do with these things?  I throw them in the burn pile.  I really enjoy getting rid of those things when I come across them.  Surely there aren't too many more lurking away in some hidden corner of a tote.  One of these days, all of the old reminders will be history!

The idea of modesty and femininity appears different to many individuals.  God leads us through this journey.  It is clearly a sanctification process that takes time.  Some women may one day get up to simply throw out everything they think they should get rid of.  For me, it took time.  I couldn't afford to go buy new skirts, new shirts etc.  I didn't even know what I felt comfortable in yet.  My wardrobe has seen many changes and now it includes a variety of different things from prairie dresses and western denim skirts to cute jumpers and fashionable dresses.  Our wardrobe often reflects our moods and who we are.  Even though mine has changed to a more modest wardrobe, it still fits who I am and I feel more like I'm dressing to suit me and where God has led me rather than trying to fit in with what the magazines say is the fashion or what every other woman on the street that I run into is wearing.  

It isn't a change of dressing because one wants to simply appear more holy.  It isn't a change due to wanting to look more like the soft spoken home schooling mother at the co-op.  It isn't a change due to reading someone's blog post about being biblically modest unless God speaks to your heart at that moment.  It is a heart change. Where God leads you in your modesty journey will more than likely be very different than mine or it may not be, however, it will be your journey.  It takes courage to go against the grain from those around you, including your family.  

But if you listen, God will call you.  God has called you to be set apart. 

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