Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Modest Clothing - Great Stuff!


I'm taking the opportunity to share with you a wonderful place to find great quality and beautiful modest clothing.  I stumbled across the site somewhere along my internet travels and decided to take a chance.  What a blessing it was to find Katie at Katie's Mercantile!  She is extremely personal and very helpful, taking time to respond to any
questions and clarifying details prior to doing any sewing on the order.  

Ladies Horse and Buggy Apron - Long

This apron has a full front bib, front pockets, and back ties. 
In two different skirts length, short and long. 
Long is mid calf length. 
Most in poly cotton easy care fabrics.

I finally decided on two items, an apron and a skirt.  There are so many wonderful things to choose from that it would be easy to fill a wardrobe with, but financially I had to stick to two items.  Not that her items are expensive, you will find exactly the opposite.  Everything is very reasonably priced considering she supplies the material and the labor.  Katie's fine talent is much less costly than other modest clothing sites.  I understand that Katie doesn't do all the sewing, but she has a few other very skilled friends that also share their gifts with the sewing.

I must mention that all of the photos on this post are the property of Katie, taken with permission, from her Katie's Mercantile site.

Ladies Gored Skirt

We introduced these skirts at our Spring Open House and they 
were an immediate success. 
Numerous gores make a fitted waist and flared full skirt. 
These skirts also available in "Tall" length.

This skirt has become my most FAVORITE skirt.  Extremely comfortable, very well made, perfect length and has the "swish" I like my skirts to have.  It is also easy to wear in the garden, if the need arises, I simply take the bottom side hem and cross it over the front to tuck it into the waist band.  That will keep it from getting in the way when leaning over to pick bugs or precious veggies.  I'm not above using it to gather produce from the garden into the house either.  My clothes must be multi-functional to by worthy to be in my closet.  The material used in this skirt is also easy to clean and durable.  It will wash up nice enough for church after carrying a load of tomatoes in.  

Sewing is something I do in the winter months when things move at a slower pace here on the homestead, and I've sewn a few skirts for myself, but I'm usually sewing for others and finding Katie was a big relief for me.  The modest clothing she offers at the prices she offers them, well I couldn't be more blessed.  It is MUCH more cost efficient for me to order something wonderful from Katie, than to purchase the material and sew it for myself.  Plus the fact that she has so many great patterns to choose from!

I have only listed the items that I have purchased.  You've got to go see for yourself everything else she has to offer!  

and much much more......


  1. What a great link and her prices do seem reasonable!

  2. Hi Donna!

    I know there are many women looking for these modest clothes and even though there are some beautiful dress makers out there, I haven't found such reasonable prices anywhere. Not to mention that Katie is so wonderful to work worth, I couldn't help but sure my wonderful find with others!

  3. What a great link! I love the skirt, too! Thanks for sharing!

  4. I agree. I had two horse and buggy style aprons made to a custom design. Floor length, with a frill on the bib and ruffle hem. They are durable as well as very pretty And the price was very reasonable.


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