Saturday, December 10, 2011

Christmas Baking List

Aren't these beautiful?  Occasionally, I wish mine looked like these.  Everyone always says that practice makes perfect and I've been making these for over 30+ years and have never had them come out this pretty!  Oh well, maybe if I was a perfectionist it would really matter to me.  The most beautiful cookies I know of are the ones my children and grandchildren make.  Those are the ones that have broken edges, too much icing and tons of sprinkles on them, but they portray love and laughter and family!

Last year I stocked up on some beautiful Christmas tins at our local Dollar Store for only 1/4 of the regular price in order to give homemade goodies away for Christmas this year.  Never mind the fact that I then had to store them for a while year, the one detail that evaded my perfect plan, but here we are.....ready for baking and giving and I am thrilled to have all those tins stored away!

Beyond the fun cutout cookies, I thought I'd share with you, some of what I plan on baking for this joyous Christmas season and hopefully give you some new easy ideas to go with your traditional family recipes.

These next two are extremely easy to make and the first to disappear off the plate!

There are several variations of bark you can make.  Last year I made bark with cherry and vanilla chips and another one with mint chocolate chips.  Both were delicious and you can find those recipes at my friend Pam's Best Yummy Recipe's blog.

Here are some other yummy recipes including one with cream cheese.  Our oldest son is not a sweet eater, but I can sure tempt him if it has cream cheese in it!

I can't wait to make these since I have an overload of homemade Raspberry jam that I canned earlier this year.

These will be a lot of fun to make with the children and grandchildren this year!

Here are some other fun goodies to make with the little ones since they are very easy and quick to do, plus they are delicious!!  The Ritz can be filled with peanut butter or other yummy things and have fun decorating the tops with anything you can imagine!

Here is another cute one to do with the little ones that I just found....they look like fun!

Merry baking everyone!  I'm off to the store for ingredients!  Our grandsons are staying over tonight and I can't wait to create this memory with them!

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  1. It isn't just me; my cookies never look like that either- but they taste just as good and the memories made while making them are priceless.
    Your baking list looks absolutely delicious! Enjoy.

  2. The melted snowman cookies are so cute! None of mine turn out as beautiful as the pictures either, but thats ok ~ they sure taste good!

  3. I've never seen chocolate saltine toffee, looks yummy and the haystacks are always a favorite. I am wicked behind on my baking this season but kind of inspired by this post...thanks :)

  4. We made the melted snowmen and the white choc. oreos...yum!

  5. We made candy cane bark, chocolate mint bark, pretzel hugs (not shown) and the covered oreos so far. Between taking a plate to church and sending the grandsons home with bags, thankfully there wasn't a lot left here to eat! We're going to do the peanut butter filled Ritz dipped in chocolate and white chocolate next and the toffee....hopefully we get to the melted snowmen, they look SO cute!

  6. I LOVE the Ritz dipped in chocolate! Forgot all about those! And yes, I wish my cookies looked like that first picture. *sigh*

  7. Oh, WOW, so many choices!! I am going to get started...I'll have to let you know the ones I will do. This is such a pretty line-up~ it is making me terribly hungry!!! LOL Do share some pictures from your adventure with your grandson, please!

  8. These are so cute. I love the snowman! Thank you so much for sharing.



  9. They all look so yummy! If you get in the baking mood, feel free to make a batch of each and send my way! :)

  10. I really WAS in the baking mood until I received Dr's orders to stay off my feet for three weeks! Now what am I supposed to do, lol?

  11. They all look divine! Such a treat to the eyes and the taste buds too ♥

  12. Oh my...won't need to think any longer on what else to bake this have it ALL here.

    Thank you.

  13. Thanks for sharing my melted snowman cookies! It's so much fun, when you're browsing blogs, to find a picture of something you made! I hope you had a chance to bake them and enjoyed eating them too.


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    new follower bev

  15. Hi and I featured this post over at Hibiscus House on the Farmgirl Friday #87 please come and grab your featured button to add to your site and love the posts..


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