Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Who Are You?

Who am I?  

The underlying question in everyone's life. 

You can get thousands of answers to this question from others in the world, especially from the ones who write all of the self help books telling us to build our self-esteem, manage our time better, set boundaries .... but those answers can be like a vapor in the wind just like our lives.  

Other people will say to spend our time building relationships instead of running our homes like a military.  It seems that depending on what we are reading or who we are listening to, we are never quite the complete person we are always trying to be.  

After working so hard to fit into one particular mold, we find out that now we have to fit into a different mold.  Just like buying the latest fashions.  As soon as we can afford that fashionable outfit, it is no longer in style.  I won't even get into using technology as an example .... the example would be out of date before I get this posted.

When I look at myself, and the "hats" I wear, I see an endless list.

Daughter In Law
Sister in Christ
Head Teacher
Head Cook
Head Housekeeper
Scullery Maid
Head Gardener
Cow Hand
Landscape Specialist
 and my favorite....

President of No One Knows What I Do Unless I don't Do it, Inc.

however ...

Who Am I?

The answer to this isn't about what hats we wear, how treasured we are by our family and friends, or who we tell ourselves we are.  

There is only one plain and simple truth.

We are a soul in search of our Creator.  
A soul with eternal value.
A child of our Heavenly Father
An heir to His Kingdom.

If you have not only discovered, but taken ownership of this simple truth, you have obtained great wisdom.  We have to accept this birthright though and not throw it away.

Can you imagine the Queen of England saying "no thanks, I'll make my own way"?!

I see so many people doing just that and then turning to worldly answers when they lose their way.

How freeing is knowing who you are?  

I'll tell you.

No matter how sweet or hurtful life is, the person I look at in the mirror is a child of God.

No matter how tiring the daily details of who we need to be at the moment get, the answer of who I am gives me grace and strength, leadership and love.

At those moments when I feel disconnected with who I am and I need reminded, I seek God.  

Like a child that gets lost in a busy store, I search for my Father's outstretched hand and am comforted and strengthened to be what He has created me to be .... 

a blessing to others.   

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  1. I love that the One who defines who I am is Jesus. It is not the jobs I do or the relationships I am in, it is who I am IN CHRIST. That brings such freedom in so many other areas of my life when I know who I am in His eyes!

    Thanks for your encouraging post!


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