Thursday, May 3, 2012

Before You Meet Prince Charming

Some lessons are easy to learn, some lessons however, always seem to be just out of reach.  Those lessons that seem just out of reach usually pertain to life's lessons that we try to instill in our children according to scripture, but what our children continually see in today's society and sadly enough, our churches, continue to tear down the lesson we are trying so hard to bring home to our children.
After working diligently to guide, nurture and protect our children through a daily onslaught of information that guarantees to destroy our children, isn't it a God given relief to find something that helps you to concrete certain information in your child's heart to where they "own" it?

'Before You Meet Prince Charming' is my new found tool to "seal the deal" in our daughter's heart.  

Now before I go on raving about this book, you must know that I do not get one cent from promoting it.  My reason for sharing it with you is for the purpose of sharing with you something I have found that I am extremely excited about.  

To me, this isn't a "oh by the way, this is a pretty good book you might want to check out" conversation.  This is a "HEY, you should really check this book out!"  jumping up and down, type of statement.

I know you can find it in many places online and I have provided a link to one of my favorite, great resources providers, but that is only to make it easy for you.  I am not one of their affiliates.  

Our homeschool conference was last week and I picked up a copy of this book at the conference.  

We pre-read everything our daughter touches and I couldn't help but read through this in two nights in order to put it in her hands and heart as soon as I could.  

She can't put it down either.  I am witnessing so many 'aha' moments from her while she reads this that I can't hardly sit still.  

Here is a description from the link to the book:

It’s never too early to prepare for God’s best in the area of marriage. While many books now address courtship, these might not apply or be age appropriate for a preteen or young woman. She simply needs a big sister to guide her on how to treasure the vulnerable yet valuable years before she meets her prince charming.
Sarah Mally is that big sister. She begins each chapter with an interest-catching allegory of a princess who is tempted to forsake her father’s guidance for the world’s second best. In a simple yet winsome way, she encourages young ladies to guard and cultivate their hearts.
Filled with testimonies and sometimes-humorous illustrations, this book challenges a young woman to be pure, patient, and purposeful—not only for her future husband but also for Christ, her true Prince Charming.
By Sarah Mally

There are several things in this book that we have taught our daughter so this book simply affirms those things, but other topics are touched on in straight forward ways that I had never even began to think of to teach.  The truths of reality and the consequences are written in a very real, but appropriate way for young girls.  Now mind you, I'm not sure that I would hand this over to a girl that was 10 years or younger unless she is already asking questions about boyfriends and girlfriends.

Sadly enough, our daughter was exposed to all that craziness beginning in the 4th grade ....   at our church of all places.  We guided her through those years as best we could, but beware, it comes earlier than you think and we have learned that it works better for our family to already have principals set in place before the exposure than to try to clean up the aftermath.

My own personal example of that is that I'm adopted.  My parents talked to me about being adopted and how adoption works before I even knew what the word adopted meant.  When I did learn what the word meant, it was no big deal to me because I had been lovingly prepared for it.  They had instilled in me the knowledge that adoption is a loving gift from God and that my biological Mother had loved me enough to provide the best home for she that she could find and that I did not grow under my adopted Mother's heart, but in it.  

So, if you have daughters, nieces, grand-daughters or simply if you have any influence on a young girl, I would strongly encourage you to get this book.  

For myself, I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and felt a bit saddened that I had not had such knowledge shared with me during my younger years.  It is written in a way that I know I could've grabbed on to it and used it to make better choices.  The good news is that I now have this great resource to share with our daughter and any other girls that God brings into my path!

Oh, another short, but true story is a little book called 'Stay in the Castle'.  Be sure and find that one too!



  1. I LOVE this book! My parents gave it to me for christmas along with "Let Me be a Woman", and "Passion and Purity" (both by Elisabeth Elliot).

  2. Just a note. I'm putting together a article dedicated to my Grandma. She was old fashioned as its called today.She enjoyed her femininity, she didn't want to look like a man/male in any way, shape or form. Yes, she wore dresses, not to make her holy, but, because, she was a woman, female, a Godly woman. This may sound odd,but, her husband gave her a look over,no see through, bent forward check if could see breast, etc. She did not want to tempt a man, and if he could see some part of her body, other men could!Do that today,and he would get a slap in the face or told off! Its disgusting to see a woman who either is trying to be masculine,or showing skin, you expect that from the world, "not from a church". I live in a State that get's very hot, and for the most part folks don't care, go basically naked, no shame! Wearing shorts,which many will disagree with me, showing too much! Men aren't off the hook either, being bare chested & shorts,Christian men, your God's not the worlds! Dress the sex you are. No, clothes don't make you holy,there are women who wear dresses, and act and talk so evil,as they serve the Prince of this world. Long hair is beautiful,is the womens glory!


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